Film Resume

Film                                              Role                           Type                       Production Company                                          

Come Out Fighting                    General Patton        feature film             Schuetzle Company Prod.

The Lumber Baron                    Thomas Taylor        feature film             Scene & Hurd Productions      

Potpourri                                     Walter Killgore         feature film             Diviney Pictures  

The System                                Trotsky                      feature film             Voices Media               

The Bequeather                         Hairy Cheeks            feature film             Kenzie Productions

Hope                                            Father                        feature film             Marty Doogin Arts
American Rescue Squad          Walter Killgore          feature film             Diviney Pictures

Ghost from the Machine          Cody's father            feature film             Phasma Productions

Gehenna                                      Sheriff                       feature film             Brewtown Productions
In Harm's Way                            Business Man          feature film            Restraining Hollywood
Horror House                              PZ                              feature film             Kenzie Productions

The Devil's Hour                         Larry                          feature film             Brewtown Productions
Wildfire: The Arabian Heart      Uncle Jack                feature film             Mean Alien Productions

The Center                                  Man at Podium         feature film             Griak Productions
Safe and Sound                          featured role             concert video         Paul Guthrie for Sheryl Crow
Kosovo                                         Father                        trailer - Mpls/St. Paul Intl. Film Festival (Twist)
M4W                                             Erik                             short film                 Cynthia Uhrich
The Take                                      Russel                        short film                Palm Drive Productions

Panhandler                                  Officer Caine             short film                Wondervision Productions)
Full Throttle                                 featured actor          trailer                        Rebel Filmworks
ShopNBC                                                                         televised product demonstrations
Metro Transit                              Guy at the wheel      commercial             Periscope

Grand Casino                              Greg                           commercial

Taco John's                                 Cube Guy                   commercial

Minnesota Lottery                      Business Man           commercial